Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to use live event coverage to drive traffic to your site, Part 1

Image 1: traffic to Flickr based on live event coverage
One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site – website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, whatever – is live event coverage.

This is Part 1 of my "how to" make it happen for your site.

  1. Prior to the event:
    1. Make sure your event has a hashtag / #tag. Help circulate that #tag by using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
    2. Start monitoring and engaging (I use a combination of Hootsuite and SayZu to get a handle on what's being said and by whom)
    3. Create a pre-event blog post about the event, why you're attending, what you'll be doing, and how others can follow the event #tag – and you, ie. provide the various channels/networks you'll be using to live event report (you have a blog, right?).
  2. At the event:
    1. Photographs are key. Create a consistent workflow that allows others to find and engage with (RT, MT, comment on, like, etc) your images. For example, I post to Flickr and use the Flickr app to post to Twitter. Then I post to Instagram and use it to post to Facebook. Curious about why I split my workflow like this? Ask me via Twitter.
    2. Continue to monitor the #tag and engage with others who are posting.
    3. If possible, find others who are posting and take photographs and post about them, using their @usernames in every relevant post.
    4. Avoid "back of head" shots at your event. Emphasize faces, smiles, group shots. Find "celebrities" and have others join them in group shots. Always add relevant tag lines or captions. Repeat.
  3. After the event:
    1. Create a follow up post using a service like Storify, follow that up with a post to your blog (you have a blog, right?).
    2. Tweet and Facebook your blog post URL. Tag anyone who is in the post, or who is keen on the event. Send an email to the organizers and to anyone who you've made contact with over the event.
    3. Watch your traffic soar.
    4. Repeat for next event.

Want to grow your event-related ROI? I can help

I've got an "events services" package here. If you're a startup or NGO, ask about special pricing.

You can also send me a message for a free 15 minute consultation, or setup a call via my Clarity.fm advice line. I look forward to helping you grow your business and the success of your events!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learning from #startupchats

Image 1: Top 50 words in answer to Question 10 at #startupchats July 16, 2014
Every week Startup Canada hosts an online Twitter chat at 9am Pacific time (12 noon in middle-North America). I've found these chats to be a great way to quickly, very quickly, learn about the topics of the week. On July 16, 2014 the topic was "content marketing for startups." Topics near to my heart. I strongly encourage anyone else interested in content marketing to take follow @Startup_Canada as they'll be posting a Storify post shortly with all the Tweets (lots of good ideas, links, and resources will be listed).

One the things you won't get from the Startup Canada post or from watching the live Twitter stream is a sense of the dominant themes. That's where a tool like SayZu comes in handy. I like to use it get snapshots of keywords in the conversation, then drill down to see what's actually being said.

Image 1 shows a cropped screenshot of the top 50 words in answer to Question 10 in the July 16 #startupchats conversation. The question: What is your best content marketing tip?

Image 2 shows a "live" SayZu cloud of the top 200 words from a Twitter search of #startupchats. Click on the image. Click on a word. See what people are saying. Much more functionality at the SayZu site...

Want to know more about using SayZu for your event? I can help

SayZu is a powerful tool for monitoring real-time online conversations AND text/sms messaging at events. It's also a good way to find out what matters to your audience, the issues and themes that are animating their conversations. For more information about how to use SayZu to engage your audience and how to develop content marketing from online and event conversations, please be in touch.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Watching #HackedFest online

Vancouver August 11-14, 2014

Hacked Festival is an "experimental festival celebrating disruptive innovation, exploration, and art" taking place in Vancouver this summer. Follow the conversation online via #HackedFest on Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and more.

FMI see HackedFestival.com or @hackedfest on Twitter.

FMI about event services at hanspetermeyer.ca see Event Services.

PicaticBC evangelist and content services specialist

#WeAreYQQ sponsorship: Elder Sister Plum feedback

In May 2014 hanspetermeyer.ca sponsored Comox Valley musician Elder Sister Plum (Tanya Semple) on her Canadian East Coast Tour through the #WeAreYQQ initiative I launched this spring (more on #WeAreYQQ here).

Because I see Twitter as one of the best tools for creatives/entrepreneurs to use to grow their business, sponsorship consists of Twitter coaching, monitoring, and support. The value of the sponsorship was approximately $500. This post contains Tanya's feedback to questions regarding the value of #WeAreYQQ sponsorship to her creative endeavours.

Please follow Tanya at @ElderSisterPlum on Twitter!

#WeAreYQQ sponsorship feedback from Elder Sister Plum

Was the #WeAreYQQ sponsorship helpful to you?
Yes, the #WeAreYQQ sponsorship was very helpful.

How could it have been more helpful?
The sponsorship came to me quite suddenly and out of the blue when I was in the midst of a lot of changes and preparations for more changes and travel. On one hand it was perfect timing because it increased my visibility while on tour, but it was extremely challenging for me to keep on top of the goals and research that Hans was sending my way.

Did you meet any goals or expectations viz what the #WeAreYQQ sponsorship was supposed to deliver?
I did, though I tended to meet those goals more during the beginning of the sponsorship. Once I was on the road for my tour it became difficult to keep up with them. I appreciated that one of the expectations was to have two questions for Hans by a certain day. That encouraged me to keep thinking critically about what we were doing.

What was the best / most satisfying thing about working with hpm?
I felt genuinely supported by Hans, and that he truly believed in me as an artist and wanted me to succeed. He was patient with me when necessary, but pushed and encouraged me to work harder. Twitter was an extremely new platform for me, and I was able to bounce questions and insecurities off of Hans, knowing that he would be understanding.

What was the least satisfying thing about working with hpm?
At times I felt it was out of my character to be tweeting at people (venues and radio stations) as much as I was, or to participate in some of the twitter tasks (#throwbackthursday, etc.), and struggled a bit with worrying that I was coming off as disingenuous.

Would you recommend that other creatives work with hpm?
Absolutely! Particularly those creative people who have difficulty with the business side of things. Hans is both creative and business minded, and has a ton of valuable experience.

For more information

See WeAreYQQ.ca for more information about this initiative to boost local talents and grow our regional economy from the bottom up. See WeAreYVR.ca for the inspiration, and for more on how Vancouver is using a number of tools to promote it's tech startup ecosystem.

For more information about social media support, content development and marketing, and events services please see hanspetermeyer.ca. For more information about fairpay ticketing for events see PicaticBC

Want some support?

Every couple of months I'll be offering $500 worth of support to a Comox Valley creative/entrepreneur. If you'd like some Twitter support, please Tweet me a note to that effect using the #WeAreYQQ #tag in your message. The #WeAreYQQ initiative is all about celebrating talent from the Comox Valley. And I love promoting people who want help marketing their cool projects!

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